Durability And Clarity Plastic Twist Top Bottle

  • Item NO.
  • T-ZH300MOON
  • Capacity(ml)
  • 300
  • Bottle Φ(mm)
  • 72.5
  • Height(mm)
  • 116
  • Neck Finish Φ
  • 24/415
  • Weight of Bottle(g)
  • 25
  • Bottle Material
  • PET
  • Cap Material
  • Mist Spay
  • Introduction
  • Products Recommended
  • Introducing the T-ZH300MOON Durability And Clarity Plastic Twist Top Bottle - a sleek and practical packaging solution for your liquid products. Crafted from high-quality plastic, this bottle offers durability and clarity, allowing you to showcase your product in style. The twist top cap provides secure and easy access to your liquids, allowing for precise dispensing without any mess. With a generous 300ml capacity, this bottle provides ample storage space for your liquids, reducing the need for frequent refilling. The clear plastic material allows for easy monitoring of the remaining product level, ensuring you never run out at inconvenient times. The compact and functional design of this bottle makes it ideal for various applications, from household cleaners to beauty and personal care products. Whether you're a cosmetic manufacturer, DIY enthusiast, or simply looking for a reliable liquid packaging solution, the T-ZH300MOON Durability And Clarity Plastic Twist Top Bottle is the perfect choice.

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