• Plastic Liquid Medicine Bottle

    Plastic Liquid Medicine Bottle

    Used for packing oral liquid medicines , pharmaceutical syrup,granules, powders, liquid food supplements, energy drinks and natural drinks, farm chemical etc.

  • Plastic Solid Medicine Bottle

    Plastic Solid Medicine Bottle

    Use for packing tablet, pill, nutrition supplements, Natto tablet,protein powder,Food, vitamin capsules, softgel, Health care product,Chemical and other solid medicine

  • Plastic Food Jar

    Plastic Food Jar

    Use for packing commodity products, fruit, vegetables ,candy, honey, nuts, jams, seeds, dried fruit or other food. Wide mouth makes the storage effortless.

  • Personal Care Plastic Bottle

    Personal Care Plastic Bottle

    Used for cosmetic liquid packaging, like cream, shampoo,body lotion packaging,or other specified liquid,perfume,essential oil ,e liquid package,Disinfectant alcohol packing

  • Plastic Measuring Cup & Spoon

    Plastic Measuring Cup & Spoon

    Insoluble in any organic solvent at room temperature, resistant to acids, alkalis and various salts

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,which comprehensive high-tech private enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales, It is a high-tech private enterprise in Zhejiang Provence.
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